Raus and About


Self taught photographer.Scottish-Australian.

International archive based on sub and popular cultures -political activism-art and personal experience.

Chaotic traveling that has survived all odds...personal disasters oblivion - too much partying and waylaid negative collections. This is the art of international recovery systems...

This platform will float....




My cameras came..went..were stolen..or strangely acquired..i left Spain with my former girlfriends Ricoh KR5..some Spanish negatives were lost and your looking at hand prints on ex DDR photopaper..fibre based socialist quality converted into high resolution scans. A newer Nikon F301 was bought off a dodgey Englishman in Munich 1990..which I destroyed in a bike crash in Berlin. A ex Vietnam war style Canon F1 was bought off another dubious character in Berlin..50mm standard lens..no flash. I push processed film speeds x 4..i had darkroom disasters and left a trail of negatives around the city.even being able to recover an infamous Berlin set..18 years later. I stuck with the Canon F1 series in NZ..as the indestructible nature and manual handling was very simple .I didn’t use a flash for years either.In the early 2000s in Wellington I finally bought a negative scanner..and kept the night hrs long until I wore the machine out. Theres still ten years of colour negatives to fulfil the New Zealand archive..that will happen in due course.

In 2007 I went digital with a small Canon Powershot..which was destroyed by an angry young man when I attempted to capture his shirtless tantrum…so I replaced it with a Canon G10 Powershot..so the images up to recent are just basic snapshots..the laziness of my hectic life.



contact: rab@fotorabia.com